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    Lyngsat Regular Updates
    CTN, Joo Music. SK Films, Filmi Box and Grace Network on AsiaSat 7
    Sristy TV on ChinaSat 11
    JNN News HD left ChinaSat 11
    DD Andaman and Nicobar left G-Sat 17
    Aljazeera English on Badr 7
    Queen Movies, Shahidna TV, Alkhedawy TV, Smart TV, Al Shasha Food, Sha3beyat,
    Cinema Tube and Cima Tube on Eutelsat 8 West B
    Libya Alghad, Al Nassr TV 24, Libya Tek, Mksaby, M Mosalsalat, M Cinema,
    Al Sa3aa Food, Ethiopia Orthodox TV and Ministry of Education TV left
    Eutelsat 8 West B

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    Lyngsat Regular Updates

    Galaxy 4K on LaoSat 1
    Bahar Tόrk on Tόrksat 4A
    Yasam TV left Tόrksat 4A
    Tιlι Liban on Arabsat 6A
    Almadaria TV left Eutelsat 8 West B
    Oromar TV left Eutelsat 117 West A

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    Lyngsat Regular Updates

    Shalom TV and GEHOM TV left Intelsat 20
    Formula and Topaz 2 on AzerSpace 1/Africasat 1a
    Islandiya left AzerSpace 1/Africasat 1a
    Nupe TV Africa and NTA International on NigComSat 1R
    Vatanin Sesi left Tόrksat 3A
    Asteroid Day on Astra 1M
    PMC left Hotbird 13B
    Giornale Radio TV, Fatafeat, Discovery Channel Middle East & Africa and Ennahar TV
    on Hotbird 13C
    Sirius on Astra 4A
    AIC TV on Eutelsat 3B
    Italia TV 3 on ABS 3A
    El Mehwar TV on Eutelsat 8 West B
    Al Amaken TV left Eutelsat 8 West B
    Jewish Life TV and TVE Star HD left EchoStar 9/Galaxy 23

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    Lyngsat Regular Updates

    Saling Sapa TV on Nusantara Satu
    Madani TV and TV UPI left Nusantara Satu
    Inspira TV left Telkom 4
    HBO Afghanistan left ChinaSat 11
    Kaleidoskop TV, Pes i Ko and Raz TV left Express 80
    Family Entertainment TV left SES 1

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    Lyngsat Regular Updates

    UFA 24 on SES 9
    M Shop left SES 9
    HBO Afghanistan on ChinaSat 11
    8 Kanal Krasnoyarsk left Express 103
    LoveWorld Asia on Measat 3
    Business 24 TV on Yamal 401
    Super left Yamal 401
    Tum News and Planet Fun left Apstar 7
    Deep Life TV on Intelsat 20
    Old Time Faith TV, Kwena TV, Champions TV and Hill TV left Intelsat 20
    Dalga and Lider TV left AzerSpace 1/Africasat 1a
    Flowers International and IRIB 1 left Eutelsat 21B
    TV Art Live left Hotbird 13C
    Alikhbaria Syria and Sama TV left Eutelsat 10A
    Numidia TV left Eutelsat 7B

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    Lyngsat Regular Updates
    YTN on Koreasat 5A
    Dhoom News HD, Channel Talash TV and Sristy TV on ChinaSat 11
    Kaatyayani TV left G-Sat 30
    Shanson TV on Intelsat 17
    Rossiya 24 left Intelsat 17
    Metro 1 News left Paksat 1R
    Such TV left Paksat 1R

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    Lyngsat Regular Updates


    Advocate Broadcasting Network on Intelsat 20
    Possibility TV left Intelsat 20
    Gemporia Lifestyle left Astra 2G
    Sewing Street on Astra 2G
    LoveWorld Sat and Abu Dhabi TV on Hotbird 13C
    Abu Dhabi Sports 1 left Hotbird 13C
    URHC TV on Eutelsat 10A
    Mandarin TV on Eutelsat 9B
    ION Plus East left SES 3
    JBS on Galaxy 13/Horizons 1

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    Lyngsat Regular Updates

    • Torre Ricca left Express AM5
    • Torre Ricca left Horizons 2
    • Katun 24 on Express 80
    • Vostok TV, Telekanal Doktor and Torre Ricca left Express 80
    • Prophetikos TV left Intelsat 20
    • Sudan Basic Edu on Eutelsat 8 West B
    • Sudania 24 TV left Eutelsat 8 West B

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    Lyngsat Regular Updates
    • Voice of One TV left Intelsat 20
    • Moskva 24 left Intelsat 17
    • Cinemachi Action, Cinemachi Family, Lolly Kids, RT Documentary, English Club TV,
    Travel TV, Fight TV, FashionTV Africa, Sports TV, Classic Cartoon TV, Passion XXX,
    Movies Zone, The Short Film Channel, Advocate Broadcasting Network,
    Arirang World, KBS World, KBS Korea, MFM TV, Anambra Broadcasting Service,
    Sunna TV, ITV Benin, Trust TV and Quest TV on Belintersat 1
    • Al Mahrah TV, Al Maraa Alarabiya TV and VOK left Eutelsat 8 West B

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