Hi guys, wondering f you can help me out here.

I have a VU+DUO2 box that I havent had hooked up in a long time. The last time I had it hooked up was way back when I was able to buy CC codes to get free SLY channels.

Anyway, what I am looking for is direct feeds of sports. I dont want the sports CHANNELS so to speak. Im just looking for the direct feed of some sports so I dont have to deal with the huge delays.
Ive heard that I can get this using BISS keys, and I can see that there are a few places to these BISS keys, but I have no idea how to use them.
Is there a tutorial somewhere that can show a complete noob how to setup the VU+DUO2 for entering these BISS keys to get a direct feed (non delayed) of some sports events?

Any info/help on what I need is greatly appreciated guys.