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    How to become a verified pay server

    To become a verified pay server on SatFeeds.net :

    (1) Send an always active line/URL in a PM to SatFeedsAdmin >>HERE<< and you need to state if your server is a UK, Multi sat server (or both), cable or iptv.
    (2) The line will be checked and if it is working correctly your account will be added to the verified pay servers status group.

    (3) The line(s)/URL's given to admin MUST STAY ACTIVE as long as you advertise your server(s) here and will be used from time to time to verify the packages you sell.

    (4) All packages/channels must be listed in your advert/post.
    (5) Any server found to advertise under 2 or more different names will have their thread(s) deleted and the server will be banned permanently.
    (6) Test line can be chargeable or free and must be at least 24 hours.
    (7) Only 1 bump thread a day unless the pay server is replying to a question or comment in the thread.
    (8) Use Thanks/Likes buttons to thank posts and don't reply "Thank you" to bump the thread.
    (9) Pay servers must attend to their thread at least weekly if not daily, if no activity is noticed on a thread or your line(s) has become inactive from the pay server then the thread will deleted.
    (10) If you want to remove your server from SatFeeds.net send a PM to SatFeedsAdmin.

    Pay Servers can upgrade their account further here

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