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    Verified PayServer Rules

    1- Payservers must provide 24 hours test and price for 1 & 3 months fee in this forum. Pay servers can sell 6 or 12 months or more subscriptions but 1 month and 3 months subscriptions must be offered. some pay servers take money from some clients , close all servers, change ddns & back to work with different user name " this is not acceptable here anymore

    2- We have been informed that some pay servers are saying they don't give anymore tests because their servers are full...but then in MSN or e-mail they say to users there's only slots to sell and a minimum fee of 3 months to subscribe.

    3- This will not be tolerated anymore... you will have lifeban ... (Username and personal IP) and your thread will be permanently deleted.

    4- We also not gonna tolerate insulting here anymore...if a user insults a pay server or vice-versa and they start using the thread to insult each other...1 week ban for the insultors...2nd time it's forever banned

    NOTE: If someone insultes you, report that post to Administration/Moderation (you have this option on right top of post window in a exclamation triangle, click in that triangle of the post you want to report)...please don't reply insulting back.

    5- We're noticing that some users and payservers are trying to make a little rebelion in here...that also not gonna be tolerated, groupie stuff and join tactics to create problems will be solved quickly, if you people don't like the rules it's easy...the door you used to get inside works both ways!

    6- One Open thread in the verified sections, if you want to open a new one you should close the old one.
    If i see anyone with more than one thread running in verified servers section you will receive a warning/ban.

    7- We Have Had A Few Members Complaining About Server Owners Always Bumping Their Threads To The Top With Posts Saying Tests Available All The Time And Also Posts Saying Pms/Emails Replyed All The Time And Always Making Verified Server Threads That Have Reviews Etc To The Bottom. This Isn't Fair For Other Server Owners So Please Only Say You Have Tests ONCE A Day And Say You Have Replied To Pms/Emails ONCE A Day ! If You Continue To Do So And Dont Follow This You Will Receive A Warning/Ban.

    8- Server owner is allowed to Respond to members issues or any question regarding the server "not requesting a test line this should be replied via PM only" Can respond to members request regarding test lines if members had any issues receiving the test line by anyway, then he is allowed to reply and confirm that he already sent the test lines.

    9- Sever Owner Can update his thread with PPV as this is Important to clients to keep updated.

    10- a payserver to advertise he's servers , write " servers from morocco , tunisia , algeria ..... have bad ping & freez ....." i don't remembre exactly , it's not allowed , there are some servers from listed contry here in forum & have best servers with good ping & no freez & real cards local

    11- We are not responsible for any transaction between payserver and client, we can only ban the payserver and mentioned in fixed post, so becarfull when you send money

    12- any paidserver have mulitiple memebership on this forum will get lifeban

    13- the Mod/Admin are always right

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