I would like to remind pay servers that pay servers rules clearly state that they are not allowed to bump their threads by saying Test lines available, replied to all PMs ..etc.

To summarize:
(1) You can reply to questions, complaints ...etc. in you thread at any time and no limit on how many replies in your thread relating to question or complaints and also you can post about the progress of your server if it is not working in your thread as many times as you wish, but you are not allowed to bump your thread every few hours by clearly promoting your server.

(2) Using the shout box to promote your server is not allowed.

We will monitor the threads and if any pay server breaks the rule they will have their thread closed and if repeated their thread could be deleted permanently
If pay servers still ignore these rules we will implement other measures like getting all posts in the pay servers section moderated or limit the number of posts pay servers can post in their thread to 1 per day like some other web sites do and even shutting down the shout box

I ask for your cooperation in this matter.