Nextbit Camera is the intuitive powerful new photography app that comes with a well made user interface. The app runs on full auto mode by default which demands only less effort to control. Select ‘+’ button from below side to start flash, timer, control, grid and toggle to HDR. Also a dot grid button allows users to toggle between Manual, Auto and video capturing mode. Require to choose 2 buttons prior to being capable to capture a video appears as time-consumed though, perhaps an improved way out can be applied with an upcoming update of the app. Manual mode provides users the power to deal with ISO, AF and white steadiness. In general the camera app results rationally sound although is intended for point-and-shoot process. The app is further dominant than its plain interface may direct you to consider. Once you tap on ‘+’ from screen, it will spread out to demonstrate additional preferences. However if you choose the grid, you’ll be capable to change between different capturing modes. Overall, it’s an extremely powerful photo and video capturing app with a user-friendly interface.

com.nextbit.camera_2.0.0.apk - 3.7 MB