1. First, create an editor (Notepad + + o. zBWindows Editor) file. Add your C line in the first line and press Enter again and make another line that remains empty! Rename this file to cccamd.conf and save it in the USB flash drive (root directory)

2. Open the menu STB Settings> Security Settings
You will see:
Installation / Receiver OFF
Parental Lock Off
New Password ----
Confirm Password ----
Enable Installation / receiver and give a password 3333 and leave the menu. And right would appear "activated".

3. Insert your USB stick with the cccamd.conf in GigaBlue file and press F2 on your FB.


Press the red button so that the file on a USB drive can be read out, select its line and press the green button for the activation or startup. You have to stop the option and you will see how many cards containing the CCcam server.